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Making use of the MACD and Stochastik Indicator
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In todays post I would like to write about the MACD and Stochastik Indicator. Some people might fail because they overtrade. Therefore I will try to advance a simplistic approach on how one might go along trading the 5 min chart with the help of Macd and Stochastik. The first thing we look for is…
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EURUSD Chart for Day Traders
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Good afternoon beautiful people. Let us concentrate on this chart and extract the information we need to trade it. The analysis should be quite the same for this chart or any other and that includes also the timeframe. Nmber 1 is the start of the UK session. Price comes down and provides us with a…
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Trading made Easy
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This chart is a second example for the previous chart explanation in how to take away doubt and stick to a logical trading plan. All the green arrows would provide you with an entry. The long bias and long only is established with the purple moving average. The crossing of the black and green moving…
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Giving Up is not an Option
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The vast majority of traders fail to achieve their goal. Everybody seeks the holly grail system something that is perfect and works all the time in every market. In my modest opinion the holly grail is consistency. It is the trader himself. It does take time to achieve this kind of consistency and that is…
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Repeatable Chart Patterns for Subcontious Action
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Well another day for another analysis on the fast 5 min EURUSD chart. The goal is to point out patterns that are easy to recognize and to remember so that action is taken on instinct once the pattern forms. We start the day by choosing the EURUSD chart which is one of the cheapest pairs…
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Day Trading as a Job
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So how to get sucessfull as a day trader? How to absorb all the information about the markets and which opinions are the right ones? Which systems works best and which should be avoided? Where to place stops and targets? How much money should I risk? How to conquer fear and anxiety? What kind of…
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Price on the EURUSD 1 hour chart has begun the day retracing much of the previous move. Since price has been providing us with higher highs and lows on this time frame we try to have a bullish trigger to long this pair. To do this we use the Fib tool to fine tune our…
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Day Trading the EURUSD Chart
2015-07-27_18-02-06eurusd 5 min
On the 17th of July the EURUSD bottomed out on this 1 hour chart. Since then price has been refusing to go down. It has constantly been providing us with higher highs and lows. Therefore purely technicly speaking a trader should prefer the bulls over the bears until this chart provides us with a double…
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Making use of a Scalping Chart
2015-07-25_00-05-10 eurgbp 5min
Now we will try to take advantage of a shorter time frame to enter our trade. Our bias is short, the trade plan is to short from resistance and our trigger might be a 5/8MA crossover, a double top or a bearish 123 pattern. For our dear traders that use candlestick patterns a bearish engulfing,…
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A beautiful chart
Let us stick to the eurusd chart to give you my viewpoint of what is most probably going to happen next. Price moved up from support with a double bottom pattern. It proceeded north to the next area of resistance and provided us with a double top as seen with the numbers 1 and 2.…
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Looking for the right entry
Once a short bias has been established one should look to fine tune his entry. After analyzing wich Pivot Point is in control one should wait for a pullback before entering the trade. If the pullback is only moderate one has had price showing more evidence that a continuation of a short move might be…
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A Short View On the EurGbp
A short position was taken on the eurgbp chart. It is the writers opinion that one should think to short this chart. Price action wise we had a beautiful uptrend that started on the 8th of July 2015 and that went on until posibly today. A short position should be held until the double top…
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Breakout Strategy – Entry
2015-07-17_00-46-53eurgbp 5min
We stick to the same currency pair the EURGBP. The chart chosen to ilustrate  the clear level of the short breakout is the 5 minute graph and the red horizontal trendline. If price pierces the line firmly then a short position should be taken. The more conservative trader might wait for a retracement after breaking…
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Taking Action
Since price seem to want to go down on the hourly chart a trader should choose a smaller time frame to pin point the entry. Smaller time frames serve two purposes. They confirm if the bias of the trade is correct and they provide a trader with a better entry price. On this example the…
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Trade Entry
2015-07-14_15-52-03USDJPY 5 min
Now regarding our entry. As a bull we need to buy when price is cheap and not expensive. Since price did run away we need to patiently wait for it to retrace. The area of interest are where fib levels are located. This means that I want to watch out for the 38.2 to the…
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An interesting spot on the Chart
Another interesting spot can be found right now on the EURUSD chart. Price finds itself touching an ascending trend line and so far this spot is managing to hold price. The not so good aspect is that price provided us before with a lower high and not with a higher high which would us give…
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Possible Change of Trend
On this AudUsd chart the purpose is to see a possible change of trend. Starting with the number 1 we are provided with the low point. We move to number 2 wich provides us with a high. It is on number 3 with a higher high that an entry should be taken. On number 6…
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